In the 1930s the colonial government of Kenya hired Scott Laboratories (still known for strains of wine yeast) to identify strains of coffee and recommend strains to grow. The highest recommendation was for the twenty-eighth strain Scott Laboratories numbered in sequence SL-28. SL-28 is now the famous strain known as Kenya AA. Kenya AA is so highly regarded that as green beans it draws a high price and holds its price when green coffee prices go down. Kenya AA is a bright fruity coffee with a winey finish: it is known as the cabernet of coffees.

Papua New Guinea Kimel AA

SHaBean Coffee Roastery has recently started roasting Papua New Guinea Kimel AA. This estate which was owned by an Australian now belongs to the people along the Kimel River who grow the coffee. Workers are provided with housing, running water, health care, and education for their families. The pulp from processing is reused as natural fertilizer and water used in processing is recycled. The coffee is smooth with a fig like sweetness, fruity flavours, and a hint of chocolate. It is excellent coffee! For more information go to SHaBean Coffee Roastery.