We (Mary Whitney and husband John Barker) have been roasting coffee for years, keeping careful records. We used to purchase green beans wholesale from the Green Beanery in Toronto. Now our beans are purchased in burlap bags the way they are shipped from producers. We are clients of Canadian wholesalers/importers who sell quality green beans, some of them Fair Trade Organic and Rain Forest Alliance.

Being a couple of seniors we struggle to “heft” the bags of green beans; but, the quality and prices are good and the service and information are helpful.


“SHaBean” our roastery name is an invented word/name. In the Americas many high end single source beans have after the name of the specialty coffee the upper case letters (SHB). SHB stands for Strictly Hard Bean. We used SHB to make the name “SHaBean.”

One also often sees the the designation (SHG) after these specialty coffees and that stands for Strictly High Grown. But we have not invented a new word from SHG.