Up and Down Availability

The October 2017 to January 2018 crop of Sumatra Mandheling was a failure and it was hard to purchase this strain, one of our best sellers and favoured by many customers. The last crop of Guatemala Antigua was seriously impacted by rust, a fungus that damages coffee. Now it is hard to find Guatemala Antigua. We are fortunate enough to have some Sumatra Mandheling. With good luck our supply of Guatemala Antigua will return.  High end coffee grows in the tropics at altitudes of 3000 feet plus.  We read warnings of the impact climate change will have on temperature sensitive coffee trees. With warmer temperatures coffee will have to go higher up in altitude where there is less land. We do not want to even think about that!


One thought on “Up and Down Availability

  1. I just found a bag of this “inflated” and totally fresh at one of your local outlets. Dark roasted – a truly awesome coffee. Thank you. – Pat on the Big Rideau.


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