Treat Roasted Coffee Like Produce

Tomorrow’s forecast was hot and muggy. I made up cold brew and put it in the fridge to “brew” over night. The next morning I made my morning pour over from Guatemala Antigua roasted two days earlier. Wow! Rested two days: that is perfect. As the day grew hot and muggy I had a glass of cold brew made from Papua New Guinea Kimel AA also roasted two days ago. Wow! How the flavours came through. There is a debate as to whether roasted coffee should be rested one day or two days after roasting. I try for two days if I can last that long. Regardless treat roasted coffee like produce. The roast date (not the best before date!) needs to be on the bag of coffee you buy. Almost all coffee in stores is hopelessly stale. Buy only freshly roasted coffee beans.


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